“I passed my exam! I made a 98 and I was just really proud of myself.”

As you might imagine, it is difficult for any student to transfer to a new university. Living somewhere new and unfamiliar and attending classes with people you don’t know would be overwhelming to anyone, to say the least. This transition is surely amplified for students transferring to a university in a foreign country. This was the case about a year ago for marketing student, Mutong Yang. I was lucky enough to hang out and talk with Mutong today at the Culp Center and I asked her about her experience so far here at ETSU.

In choosing marketing as her major, Mutong is taking a smart route to get a head start on her future. “I definitely think it’ll be easy for me to find a job,” she explained.

I asked Mutong what is the best thing that has happened to her this week. Her response? “I passed my exam! I made a 98 and I was really proud of myself so I’d say that’s probably the best thing this week.”



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