“It’s more like an interest in getting famous…so people won’t forget me, you know?”

Me: “Pose in a way that feels natural to you.”

Em: “Say no more.”

Yesterday I met Michael “Em” White, a sophomore here at ETSU who is majoring in theatre. When asked why theatre appealed to him, Em said, “When I was younger, I had a dream of becoming an actor, more or less famous. It’s more like an interest in getting famous…so people won’t forget me, you know?”

Em, of course likes the acting part of theatre, but the aspect he is most drawn in by is the emotion it harnesses. “I like the emotions, the feeling of acting. I guess I’ve been doing it my entire life, whether I mean to or not. I’m acting most of my emotions. I tried learning how to cry on queue one time and I wore down a lot of my sadness. Acting just makes you feel a lot more emotion than you normally would.”

Finally, I asked Em what types of people he likes to surround himself with. “The first time I ever walked in here, The Cave, I was meeting someone I didn’t know. So I walked in, sat at a table and I heard a group of guys talking about Dungeons and Dragons so I hopped on over to the couch and said ‘You guys talking about D&D?’ Fist on my chin, I said hello…so I guess I like nerdier kinds of people. People who just like all kinds of fun.”

Em has met many of his friends through ETSU’s anime club. He explained, “Sometimes I struggle between my shyness and my forwardness. And sometimes I mix them together so I’m like passively forward. But yeah, it’s always fun. There’s a lot of cool people in there and there’s always that one guy in the back who shouts random puns. It’s fun!”



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