“Hmm before I die? I’d go to Tokyo.”

When I asked Ricky Velasco what drove him to become a nursing major, his response was anything but subtle. “Because my parents want me to do something in life besides stay home and play video games.” I think that answer is one that so many college students can absolutely relate to. Ricky does enjoy his major however, especially as someone who is interested in the science aspect of the field.

I then asked Ricky one of the most cliché questions in my repertoire: What is one thing you want to do before you die? “Go to Tokyo! Because I like the Japanese culture. I mean, my grandpa on my mom’s side, his dad is half-Japanese. So I kind of have that mix of Mexican and Japanese culture in my family.”

Food is also a big aspect of Japanese culture that attracts Ricky. “I’ve been fed Japanese food my whole life and I kind of fell in love with it. I eat it almost every day. My mom likes it too. She makes dumplings, but she mixes Mexican food with it. So it’s like rice and beans inside a dumpling with chicken and it tastes amazing, actually.”

It was really cool getting to hear about Ricky’s experience with the blending of two totally different cultures. I’ve definitely been wanting to try his mom’s Japanese-Mexican dumplings ever since.



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