“I Know Absolutely Everybody on Campus.”

Juan Pearson: life of the party, social butterfly, theatre major. These are three things I learned about the junior today as we chatted between classes. Juan explained to me his experience choosing a major that is infamous for producing “starving artists.”

“I’m a theatre major, and my grandma when I told her this was like ‘What are you going to actually do with your life?’ I wasn’t sure what I was really going to do with my college career until spring semester of freshman year. I took Introduction to Theatre with Patrick Cronin. And I thought, ‘I can actually do this. This is a fun way to spend my college experience.’”

I asked Juan to describe himself to me in six words. He responded, “I know absolutely everybody on campus…well figuratively speaking. I can’t possibly know absolutely everybody, but I pretty much know everyone.” During our interview, Juan proved this to be true. It seemed that everyone who walked through the cave greeted Juan as they went by. Dozens of people came up to us during the interview and Juan greeted them all as if they were best friends. I certainly got the sense that he was the life of the party.



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