“I Prefer Figurative Art. I Like to Paint People…It’s Difficult for me to Explain.”


Today in the Culp Center, these violet locks caught my attention among a sea of students scurrying to class. I assumed the head attached to them must be an interesting one so I introduced myself. The purple tresses belong to studio art major, Alexis Whitaker.

As an art major, she discussed her familiarity with the stigma that goes along with her program of study. “There’s a lot of that talk about how, after college I won’t be able to find a job, and I’m wasting money here. But it’s my passion and I couldn’t just put that to the side.” Alexis loves to paint oil paintings. “I prefer figurative art…I like to paint people. It’s difficult for me to explain.”

I asked Alexis where she would live if she could live anywhere in the world. Her answer? France. “That is just such a great place for art and culture. It’s so rich in history and I think I would just love it there.”

Here’s to hoping Alexis with the purple hair makes it to France one day and becomes a not-so-starving artist.



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