“What sucks is when you aren’t able to create things.”


“I used to be a graphic design major, but I changed it to nutrition because…things suck.” Amber Wilson learned she had cancer last year and this news caused her college career to switch gears a bit. “I already have celiac disease, so I already watch what I eat. And now I don’t have a thyroid and I also don’t have a gallbladder.”

Amber went to Pellissippi College in Knoxville before she came to ETSU. “I was really tired and really sick because I had cancer and didn’t even know. So I was running on like 20% battery while everyone else was running on 100%. What really sucks is when you aren’t really able to create things and it kind of turned me off from creating art for other people. So I make art for myself and now I’m a nutrition major so I can become a dietician and do things like that.”

I asked Amber if her experience with watching what she eats for health reasons was one thing that really drove her to study nutrition. “My boyfriend pretty much eats chicken, pizza, spaghetti, and mac and cheese. The pallet of a toddler. And I’m wanting to be more of like a pediatric dietician so I’m hoping to help kids learn to eat like a real person and not continue those eating habits. Having celiac disease and everything…it all just kind of comes together.”

I finally asked Amber if there was anything in the world that she is curious about that she would like to try. “Okay so basically, I have the concept of screen printing down, because I was a graphic design major. I wanna learn about screen printing real bad, but I don’t have the stuff to do that. But its really cool, you can do t-shirts, bags, pretty much anything. There’s a way to do it really cheaply, just get a picture frame and some tulle and staple it to it and then make a stencil and run fabric paint over with a roller, at that’s screen printing! I wanna do it so bad.”




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